Play and Peace


31 May: Cruyff Court Molenbeek connecting the Youth

After the attacks of March 22, 2016 and the death of Johan Cruyff, two days later, Unico van Kooten founded PlayandPeace together with Ahmed Larouz from Amsterdam. The platform has the objective to realise a Cruyff Court in Molenbeek. A Cruyff Court is a modern version of the timeless neighbourhood football pitch.


22 Mar: Changing our Game in Molenbeek

One year after the attacks PlayandPeace is well underway to get funding for Brussel’s first Cruyff Court. PlayandPeace asked a group of musicians from Belgium and the Netherlands to compose a song about the theme and this is when “Change Our Game” was created. In this song, the musicians call for reflection and reconciliation. A song contest is linked to the song and everybody is asked to join in.