180 Amsterdammers


28 Dec: 180 Amsterdammers book available now

On Thursday 22 December Bridgizz and YOUnite launched the book “180 Amsterdammers” at restaurant Meram in Amsterdam.

In an ever-changing world the discussion regarding multiculturalism is just around the corner. With over 180 nationalities, Amsterdam is scoring high marks on diversity. The city considers this mix as an asset. 180 Amsterdammers is a unique project with 180 portraits and interviews of as many nationalities that add flavour to the city.

180 Amsterdammers

19 Dec: Book Launch: 180 Amsterdammers

Op donderdag 22 december a.s. om 20.00u presenteren Bridgizz en YOUnite het boek “180 Amsterdammers” bij restaurant Meram in Amsterdam. Ontdek de verhalen van 180 Amsterdammers in het boek 180 Amsterdammers. Hoe zijn ze in Amsterdam terecht gekomen en hoe hebben ze van Amsterdam ‘hun’ stad gemaakt.