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Diwan Awards Holland 2019

SPEECH AHMED LAROUZ – DAH 2019 30 november (DUTCH) Ladies and Gentlemen: Salam Ou Alaykum, Good evening, Wat fantastisch om deze mooie avond te mogen openen. Samen met mijn TOP Team, is maanden gewerkt aan het neerzetten van dit gala.

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Inculsion Leadership & Impact

GOlden Motus

Many companies pretend to be an advocate of diversity and inclusion, but I doubt if they have a lot of impact. Many of them operate very superficially. They only deal with diversity items that are currently trendy or colorful, for

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Round Table for African Diaspora Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurship has become a viable alternative path for many young people to making a meaningful impact on society. Today we are witnessing a lot of incredible entrepreneurs in the African diaspora accomplishing great successes and making valuable contributions to

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