Cruyff Court in Molenbeek wants to connect the Youth of Brussels

After the attacks of March 22, 2016 and the death of Johan Cruyff, two days later, Unico van Kooten founded PlayandPeace together with Ahmed Larouz from Amsterdam. The platform has the objective to realise a Cruyff Court in Molenbeek. A Cruyff Court is a modern version of the timeless neighbourhood football pitch. Read more

Hospitality Festival: Ramandanfeest van start

De Brusselse organisatie Citizenne en haar partners vieren dit jaar de ramadan op een unieke manier. Met het tweedaagse Hospitality Festival in het Elisabethpark en hospitality dinners en iftars overal in de stad. Het Hospitality Festival is gebaseerd op het succesvolle Ramadan Festival van bedenker Ahmed Larouz (Bridgizz). Bridgizz is als adviseur en partner betrokken bij het Ramadanfeest. Het Ramandan Festival heeft in Nederland, Noorwegen en Engeland met succes de verbinding tussen verschillende doelgroepen bewerkstelligd. Citizenne wil deze verbinding naar Brussel brengen.   Read more

Laatste kaarten verbindingsdiner met Nasrdin Dchar – 29 mei

Zondag 28 en maandag 29 mei organiseert 180 Amsterdammers i.s.m. Diwan Awards, Restaurant Meram, Ieder1 en Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam een verbindingsdiner/iftar in de Koninklijke Foyer.

Het feestelijke diner start direct na de voorstelling DAD van Nasrdin Dchar. Met het diner (iftar) wil de organisatie Amsterdammers met elkaar verbinden door samen te eten en de dialoog aan te gaan. Nasrdin zal er ook van de partij zijn. Iedereen is van harte welkom. De opbrengst gaat naar een goed doel: PlayandPeace. Read more

180 Amsterdammers partner of Cineblend Festival (13 – 23 June 2017)

Bioscoop Het Ketelhuis, Tolhuistuin, Pakhuis De Zwijger and Jungle Amsterdam

CINEBLEND FESTIVAL is the new name for the Beeld voor Beeld festival, a yearly documentary film festival focusing on issues of cultural diversity, now in its 27th year. Rooted in visual anthropology, the festival screens documentaries on various (sub)cultures, offering discussions and seminars. The festival serves as a meeting place for filmmakers and audiences from different cultural backgrounds. A special section will be devoted to studentfilms, open to all courses of Visual Anthropology and Documentary Filmmaking. Most filmmakers will be present for a Q&A after the screening of their film. Read more

Bridgizz and 180 Amsterdammers present: WE AR – Connecting Amsterdammers

16 excellent students from 9 different courses at the Mediacollege Amsterdam, have joined forces on behalf of MediaBites Amsterdam, 180Amsterdammers and Bridgizz, and made the impossible possible. In 6 weeks, they built an app that connects Amsterdammers and celebrates the city of Amsterdam in honor of our Mayor, Van der Laan: WE AR Amsterdam. Read more

Cruyff Court Molenbeek

Are you willing to team-up for Brussels too? That would be wonderful!
The city of Brussels was hit by horrific terrorist attacks on 22 March 2016. In response, PlayandPeace formulated a challenge which seeks to connect people throughout Brussels, via sports! Read more

180 Amsterdammers 4 & 5 May activities

On 4 May, Amsterdam joins the rest of the Netherlands in commemorating the civilians and members of the armed forces who have died in war and peacekeeping missions since the outbreak of World War II. During the Remembrance of the Dead, people all over the country observe two minutes of silence at 20:00. On 5 May, the day after Remembrance Day, the entire country celebrates Liberation Day.

Read more

Need a Bridge!